Strategic Guidance

Strategic guidance

Do you need to renew the platform of your SAP environment? Are you still deciding which service model you should choose for the management of your SAP environment? Are you confronted with structural problems on a SAP system level? Or do you have a complex migration project that needs to be managed correctly? 

Then rely on the independent advice of Exertum. The in-depth technological knowledge and the years of practical experience in setting up and guiding SAP BC support organisations of the Exertum team, will guarantee you the best choices, from redacting a Request For Proposals (RFP) to selecting an appropriate migration roadmap 

RFP redaction and selection
Exertum assists you in redacting a Request For Proposal that meets your business needs,and helps you during the selection process.

Technical audits
When confronted with system performance issues or recurrent technical system errors in your SAP landscape, Exertum’s technical audit provides you with an in-depth analysis of the situation.

Organisational audits
Exertum offers independent cost & benefit studies and also reviews of possible service models (traditional or hybrid), of existing service agreements and of the support organization in place.

Project guidance
When facing a complex migration project, such as a release or platform migration, a Unicode conversion or a combined migration (CU & UC), Exertum will assist you with its valuable insights in migration roadmaps, its clear and detailed analyses, developed cut-over plans, and a tailor-made follow-up for your entire project. 

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