Exertum - SAP Consultants

Exertum - SAP Consultants


Complementary Support

  • Substitute services
    During leave of an internal support staff member, Exertum provides on-site replacement.
  • Remote checks
    Is your internal support staff unavailable due to planned or unplanned events? Exertum will perform a remote manual check of your SAP system landscape.
  • Basic automatic monitoring
    An automatic monitoring will be setup for some essential checks on the SAP system landscape (E.g. availability, DB space management, etc.), either using a monitoring system on-site or at Exertum. The results of these checks will be sent to you or to Exertum, depending on which other services Exertum provides for your company.
  • Incident support (remote)
    Provide incident-based remote support for system technical problems on your SAP landscape (SAP, Database, Operating System). This support can be initiated through notification from the customer or from an automatic monitoring system.
  • Request support (remote & on-site)
    Planned interventions on-site or from our Exertum offices, to execute a required task on your SAP environment.
  • Review services (remote & on-site)
    In order to check the health of your SAP environment or systems, a senior SAP BC engineer analyses the capacity, performance and security of your systems.
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Full-system management

Exertum fully manages specific areas of your SAP system administration

  • SLA-based
    Using Service Level Agreements on the level of availability, incident handling, request handling, data loss, etc.
  • Scope based
    Using a standard coverage of tasks and responsibilities or using a specific service matrix
  • Topology based
    Management can be done of the entire SAP environment or for specific systems within the environment (e.g. only one landscape or only the production systems)
  • SAP based monitoring tools
    The service is delivered based on the monitoring tools of SAP. No 3rd party integration is required.
  • Extended service delivery
    As part of our service delivery multiple contact points are provided that know the environment and are available during your service hours. Also, service reporting is delivered with a high degree of detail.
  • Flexible pricing model
    Instead of guessing what will be needed in terms of effort, a flexible model is used that tries to find the balance between responsibility and transparancy.
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